Here at Treat, we feel pretty strongly about vegan desserts: Life is too short for bad sweets and most vegan desserts are pretty bad. They often are poor substitutes of non-vegan desserts that end up too heavy, dry, crumbly, or flavorless.

All of our desserts are developed and repeatedly tested to ensure the most amazing flavors and highest quality execution. As with our non-vegan desserts, we are motivated to make fantastic desserts and if we can’t make a delicious vegan dessert, we just won’t make it. We’ll never make a vegan dessert just so that we can offer a vegan dessert.

Remember, a vegan dessert should be described as “delicious” before being described as “vegan”!

Check out our partner The Hungry Ginger for our weekly dessert offering.

Lemon-ginger loaf cake
Minimum order 1 loaf (8 slices): €20

A light refreshing combination of lemon and ginger, our loaf cake is topped with crystalized sugar icing, and garnished with seasonal dried fruit or nuts.

Orange-chocolate swirl loaf cake
Minimum order 1 loaf (8 slices): €20

If you like orange paired with chocolate, this is the cake for you. It’s so tender and moist, but not made with any animal products. Probably the best vegan cake we’ve ever had.

Chocolate pudding (gluten-free, too!)
Minimum order 6 cups: €18

Do you want a spoonful of chocolate sin? This is the dessert for you. It’s silky chocolate pudding to die for.

Gin & Tonic panna cotta (gluten-free, too!)
Minimum order 6 cups: €18

Gin & Tonic as a dessert! Topped with a lime gel for that extra kick of acidity, this amazing dessert is the perfect finisher to a summer lunch.

Coconut-lime mango upside-down cake
Minimum order 6 pairs: €15

One of our first vegan desserts, this little cake is so decadent, you’ll want two. Which is lucky for you because they come in pairs! Topped with caramelized mango chunks and dipped in toasted coconut, you’ll think you’re in the tropics when you have this dessert.

Date-walnut power balls (gluten-free, too!)
Minimum order 12 power balls: €12

The result of a custom recipe request, these little things are perfect just before a hard workout for that little extra boost of energy. No sugar is added, all the natural flavor comes from the dates and walnuts!

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