More bonbons? Yes, please!

We enjoyed making the Valentine’s Day bonbons so much, we’re going to make more bonbons, and soon! Here at Treat, we’re currently developing these tantalizing flavors:

  • Tart raspberry dark chocolate ganache
  • Whiskey salted caramel
  • Saffron-vanilla white chocolate ganache
  • Passionfruit caramel milk chocolate ganache

Order online here

These flavors aren’t quite available yet, but you can still place an order to reserve yours now. Mix and match any four flavors into one gift box.

€5 for each gift box, your choice of four bonbons

Place your pre-order now!

Notes and restrictions

  • Each gift box contains four bonbons (your choice of flavors) and is branded with the Treat logo
  • Delivery to Barcelona only; Mutually agreeable time and location.
  • Pre-order only; Delivery to be determined.