Let the “opinionating” begin!

Brownies are divisive. No one can ever quite agree on what the best brownie is; it all comes down to your personal preferences.

Here at Treat, we’re giving you yet another option to consider when you’re looking for the best brownie around.

Our brownie is the result of literally decades of practice, research, taste-testing… All across Europe and North America.

We’re pretty happy with the result of our efforts.

So we present to you a brownie that is tender, with a little crunchy on top; heavy on the fudgey flavor while not being a dense gluey chocolate bomb; not too cakey, but just chewy enough to please; and a single brownie is large enough to keep even the most demanding chocoholic satisfied for at least an hour.

Place your order now to get one of our brownies and try it for yourself. All opinions are welcome!

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€2.50 each, no minimum order!

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Treat is available at Cafaena Bre

Our partnership with Cafaena Bre is going strong. You can get many of our desserts there, no waiting or pre-order necessary. Currently we’re providing the Monthly Special brownies, our lemon-ginger loaf cake (vegan!), and Barcelona’s best carrot cake (yes, it actually is the best. Fight us.)

We plan on continuing to expand and change our menu, so check in frequently!