Chef Matt is an American chef, originally from Seattle, Washington.

Matt learned his trade in the old-school way, as an apprentice under a master chef and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. After completing his training, Matt jumped straight into the deep end and founded his first company: Starry Nights Catering & Events which he ran for nearly seven years.

It was during that time that Matt realized his true culinary passion: All things baking, desserts, cakes, pastries. So in 2015 when Matt moved to London, he focused his career exclusively on pastry and baking.

Being an American pastry chef in London presented Matt with many challenges and opportunities to expand his experience and improve his craft. He had the good fortune to work at notable locations such as Lord’s Cricket Grounds, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Tate Museum.

2019 brought another relocation, this time to Barcelona. This change presented its own set of unique challenges and opportunities, not the least of which was a language barrier and Covid-19.

While working on many side projects such as a YouTube channel (The Expat Chef) and contract work, Matt saw an opportunity to start a new venture. So with the encouragement and support of several close friends, Matt founded Treat in December 2020.

About Treat

Treat is the latest manifestation of Chef Matt’s vision for pastry and dessert.

Chef Matt believes that cooking is a craft, not an art. A craft requires skill, practice, dedication, finesse, and a never-ending drive for perfection. But craft also requires creativity and personal expression, resulting in something innovative and unique.

At Treat, Chef Matt strives to balance modern culinary innovation with approachable and recognizable pastry traditions. Relying on his multicultural experience and his American tendency for innovation, Chef Matt aims to create delicious and appealing desserts.