Cookies are some of our most popular menu items. Order a few and let us know what you think!

Drop us a line and let us know what you have in mind. We love special orders, so give us a challenge.

Minimum order 12: €18

Our world-famous chocolate chip cookie is internationally popular. People from all over the world sing its praises. It’s the authentic American cookie: Crispy on the edges and a little chewy in the middle, not cakey with real chocolate chips. We offer the traditional flavor, as well as Red Velvet, or Triple Chocolate versions.


Light, crumbly, and buttery, our shortbread pairs perfectly with that nice hot cup of tea. Try our different flavors, such as rosemary brown butter, lavender, orange-almond, or chocolate.

Minimum order 12: €18

Not to be confused with “macaroons”, these are the dainty, light, and decadent French cookies. They come in a rainbow of possible colors with any kind of filling you can imagine. Let us know what your favorite flavor is!

Molasses spice
Minimum order 12: €18

The perfect cookie to pair with mulled wine in the winter, it’s got a light sugar crust over a chewy cookie flavored with molasses, spices, and orange.

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